Worth It All

I love sports. I love to play sports. I love to watch (some) sports. I'm a very competitive person, to a fault. As a child, baseball was my favorite sport. I marveled at players who trained all winter in order to play in 162 regular-season games. Olympians, on the other hand, train for four years to compete for a medal. In some instances, the hopes of four years of preparation are dashed by less than a second. How can an individual devote four years of discipline, sacrifice and pain for one brief moment?

I think I am finally beginning to understand. Our youngest child turned twenty yesterday (we survived the teenage years!). My wife and I had a wonderful afternoon with Trevor and his girlfriend, enjoying great food and conversation. We love our son. He has grown from a little boy through some challenging teen years into a fine young man of whom we are extremely proud. It was not an easy two decades for any of us, but it was worth it all.

This morning I received what is probably the most memorable text message I've ever received. Trevor expressed not only his love for me but also his respect and thanks for who I am in his life. It blew my mind! I can truly say it was worth twenty years of sacrifice and effort to read his profound and powerful words on my phone screen. Thank you, son!

People often say life is short, yet many days seem endless, especially during trials and pain. Nevertheless, compared to eternity our century or so (if we make it to 100) is less than an instant. How are your living your life? I'm convinced we will all someday have to give an account for what we did with it and the afterlife will reflect our choices in this one. Sacrifices made loving God and others will be worth it all.