Rex Miller

Creating The Future

I spent the past two days at M, a two-day rendezvous of Christ-following “operatives” from around the world. In addition to hearing TED-like 15-minute presentations from Erwin McManus, Dave Gibbons, Lorenzo Della Foresta, Rex Miller, Vince Antonucci, Steve Andrews, Nick Boring, Dave Nelson, and event organizer Alex McManus, it provided interactive experiences, conversational decompression chambers, and a glimpse into the future.

Actually, rather than a glimpse into the future, the gathering was a passionate plea to create the future rather than merely react passively to its unfolding. The essence of leadership is guiding people to a new destination, one often untraveled by even the guide. What will tomorrow bring? I’ll let you know in 24 hours.

Hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky was once asked about his greatness, to which he responded, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” I want to live with one foot in today’s world and one in tomorrow’s.

“We are on a journey. It is the story of becoming. What it means to be human is still being written. We are human becomings!” - Alex

“How do I know the Bible is true? If it isn’t, it ought to be!” - Alex

“Speak for people, not to people.” - Erwin

“You don’t have to see the future to create it.” - Erwin

“If you need money to plant a church, then you’re probably not the one to do it.” - Lorenzo

“Scarcity always births creativity and clarity, though for some it breeds confusion.” - Dave Gibbons

“Four eras: oral, print, broadcast, and digital.” - Rex

“How is it possible that I lived for twenty years in the USA and knew nothing about Jesus? - Vince

“Christianity has usually fared better as the minority.” - Erwin

“You can’t embrace values imposed upon you. The need for autonomy is enough to prevent it.” - Erwin

“Fashion is all about the narrative. You pick your clothes based upon your tribe. People like you dress like you.” - Erwin

“Even death cannot stop a great story. The story of martyrs is greater than their life.” - Erwin

“No one would raise their hands on a roller coaster drop if there wasn’t a bar. God is the bar. Be reckless.” - Dave Nelson

“More than ever we need Jesus. He will not do for us what He calls us to do for Him.” - Alex

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Hope springs eternal. Welcome to the future.